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Explore our Collection of Free Resources to Enhanced your Qualitative Research Skills

Explore Our Collection of Free Resources To Enhance Your Qualitative Research Skills

Qeludra Insight Articles

Introduction to qualitative research


This article serves as an introduction to the fascinating realm of qualitative research - whether you are new to this world or simply seeking a refresher.

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When numbers don't solve the problems

This article introduces you to sensemaking and what it means to approach problem-solving from a human science point of view.

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Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing

This article is perfect for you if you want to learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them when collecting rich interview data.

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How to make sense of rich qualitative data

Forget about post-it notes. There are better ways to do this. Learn how to utilize computer software to analyse rich qualitative data.

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Advanced Reading

The following resources are book chapters and articles published in academic journals and written by our founder and qualitative research expert Dr Susanne Friese.

Qualitative research design

Role and impact of CAQDAS software for  qualitative research design by Susanne Friese.

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Thematic content analysis

Carrying out computer-aided thematic content analysis with ATLAS.ti by Susanne Friese, Jacks Soratto and Denise Pires. 

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Grounded theory analysis

Grounded Theory analysis and CAQDAS: A happy pairing or remodeling GT to QDA? by Susanne Friese.

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Kodieren narrativer Interviews

Computergestützte Analyse: Das Kodieren narrativer Interviews, geschrieben von Susanne Friese.

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