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Life without Coding: Does GenAI fulfill this dream?"

In this seminar, I'll explore a novel approach to qualitative data analysis leveraging AI support without the need for traditional coding methods. When I first experimented with Chat GPT, I attempted conventional techniques, like coding data and extracting topics for subsequent applications as codes, but it proved less effective. However, I discovered an intriguing alternative: interacting directly with Chat GPT to gain insights from the data without manual coding. This approach yielded promising results. In qualitative research, we often stress the importance of "immersion" in the data, and modern technology facilitates this immersion. We can query artificial intelligence for insights directly from our data, leveraging its memory and analytical capabilities to find answers. Join me on this journey as we test, challenge, and advance the boundaries of qualitative methodology.

When: Wednesday, December 13th at 6 pm CET

Where: In the Community

If you cannot attend live, you can always watch the recording later when it is convenient for you.


Unveiling Qeludra AI: The Next Evolution in Qualitative Data Analysis

Discover the innovation behind Qeludra AI, our proprietary artificial intelligence platform specifically tailored for in-depth qualitative data analysis. Seize this opportunity to be one of the pioneers to witness the capabilities of this groundbreaking software. This seminar will provide you with a first-hand demonstration of Qeludra AI's functions and illustrate how it can revolutionize your approach to data analysis. Don't miss your chance to explore the future of qualitative research—reserve your seat today!

When: Wednesday, January 10th at 6 pm CET

Where: In the Community

If you cannot attend live, you can always watch the recording later when it is convenient for you.



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Technological Innovations and Their Influence on Qualitative Research: From Tape Recorders to Generative AI

November 2023

The realm of qualitative research has undergone a remarkable and ongoing transformation spanning the past six decades, with technology emerging as a pivotal catalyst in this evolution. From the era predating the advent of tape recording to the present age of emerging generative artificial intelligence, a continuous stream of innovations has not only reshaped but, in many cases, revolutionized our approach to qualitative research methodologies. In this webinar, I chart this historical progression while simultaneously peering into the future to anticipate potential developments and emerging trends. Join me in an exploration of how technology has impacted the practice of qualitative research throughout the years.


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Qeludra Meetup: From Tape Recorders to Generative AI. How technological innovations have influenced the way we conduct qualitative reseaerch.

Analysing focus groups - with the traditional CAQDAS tool MAXQDA and with AILYZE

October 2023

In this seminar I showed how you can analyze focus group data using one of the traditional CAQDAS packages MAXQDA that relies on coding data, and how te data can be analysed using AILYZE, a GenAI-powered software where you go into a dialogue with the data without having to code them.

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Introduction to Story Survey

September 2023

StorySurvey is a platform specifically designed for conducting semi-structured interviews using an AI chat bot.
During the seminar, Steve demonstrates how "StorySurvey" facilitates the seamless execution of causal interviews. Causal research aims to unravel cause-and-effect relationships, making the direct questioning of participants about causes and effects a pivotal aspect of these interviews.

The tool can however also be used for other forms of interviewing.

Beyond just introducing the tool, Steve engaged us in a broader discussion about the potential impact of AI-driven tools on evaluation research, for example whether the integration of such technologies enhance the reliability, validity, representativeness, and reproducibility of qualitative research This question served as a focal point for stimulating dialogue during the seminar.

Short bio:
Steve Powell has a Ph.D. in psychology with 25 years of experience in research and evaluation. He conducted projects on a wide range of topics, from psychosocial programming after disasters to social capital in the former Soviet Union. He is fascinated with causal mapping, co-founder of proMENTE social research in Sarajevo and co-founder of Causal Map Ltd. in the UK.

Further information on StorySurvey

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Interpretive Coding - Content Analytic Coding - ML Coding: What are the differences?

June 2023

This seminar was conducted by Dr. Susanne Friese, qualitative data analyst expert and Qeludra Founder. She examined various approaches to coding unstructured (qualitative) data. The aim is not to determine what is better or worse, but to understand when it is appropriate to use approaches a, b, or c and what influence they have on the analysis and the results.
Throughout the seminar, we will look at practical examples and discuss the important considerations when choosing a coding method and how different approaches can influence the interpretation of the data.
We warmly invite you to participate in this seminar to expand your knowledge of coding in qualitative data analysis. It is a valuable opportunity to gain new perspectives and strengthen your skills in data analysis.

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Qeludra Brown bag seminar: Interpretive Coding, thematic analysis, ML coding. What are the differences?

Exploring Generative AI in Qualitative Data Analysis

May 2023

This seminar was conducted by Dr. Susanne Friese, qualitative data analyst expert and Qeludra Founder. She discussed the fascinating world of generative AI and its potential applications in qualitative data analysis. This seminar is a great opportunity to learn how the latest AI technologies can revolutionize the way we analyze qualitative data and gain valuable insights.

During this engaging seminar, Susanne covered:

  • An introduction to generative AI and its potential in social research
  • The benefits and challenges of using AI for qualitative data analysis based on some case studies
  • Practical tips for incorporating AI tools into your research projects
  • Q&A session to address your questions and concerns
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Qeludra Brown bag seminar: Exploring Generative AI in Qualitative Data Analysis

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