Kwalitatieve Methodetraining 

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Workshops in samenwerking met Evers Research

Voor Novices

Op locatie in Rotterdam

29. - 30. januari 2024

10 - 16 CEST

In Dutch or English, depending on the group of participants.

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AI in Qualitative Analysis

Op locatie in Rotterdam 

4. - 5. marts 2023

10 - 16 CEST

In Dutch or English, depending on the group of participants.

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For Novices 

Op locatie in Rotterdam 

11. - 12. marts 2023

10 - 16 CEST

In Dutch or English, depending on the group of participants.

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Voor Advanced Users

Op locatie in Rotterdam 

22. - 23. april 2024

10 - 16 CEST

In Dutch or English, depending on the group of participants.

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Wat onze deelnemers zeggen

Participant testimonial Qualitative Data Analysis

Susan Milton

"Als je op zoek bent naar een workshop over het analyseren van kwalitatieve gegevens die zowel onmiddellijke als langetermijnresultaten oplevert, zoek dan niet verder. Ik vond de combinatie van deskundige begeleiding, groepsdiscussies en praktische oefeningen buitengewoon nuttig. De individuele feedback die werd gegeven aan mijn eigen onderzoeksproject was bijzonder waardevol en heeft al een positieve invloed gehad op mijn werk. Het digitale lesmateriaal is uitstekend en zal in de toekomst een nuttig hulpmiddel zijn. Je kunt zien dat Susanne Friese kan bogen op een schat aan ervaring, en haar inzichten en begeleiding zijn ongeëvenaard. Ik raad deze workshop ten zeerste aan aan iedereen die zijn onderzoeksvaardigheden wil verbeteren en betere resultaten wil bereiken."

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As we eagerly anticipate the launch of LUDRA, our revolutionary AI-powered tool for qualitative data analysis, our community serves as a dynamic gathering space for researchers, scholars, and anyone interested in and eager to learn about advancing the field of qualitative inquiry with cutting-edge AI applications.

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Geselecteerde publicaties

Mere publicaties (1995 - 2023)

Wat recensenten zeggen:

Susanne Friese heeft een must-read gids samengesteld vol nuttige informatie voor studenten en beginnende onderzoekers.

Dit is een prachtige, gemakkelijk te lezen en pragmatische inleiding.


Role and Impact of CAQDAS Software for Designs in Qualitative Research

written by S. Friese in: Uwe Flick (ed). The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research Design. Chapter 19 (2022).


Grounded Theory Analysis and CAQDAS: A Happy Pairing or Remodeling GT to QDA?

Written by S. Friese in: Antony Bryant and Kathy Charmaz (eds.). The SAGE Handbook of Current Developments in Grounded Theory, 282-313 (2021).

From the Desk of the Qeludra Founder


Dear friend,

Are you tired of struggling with your research projects? Do you feel you're missing out on key insights and opportunities because you don't have the right skills and tools?

I understand your pain because I was in the same boat. Back in 1987, I was studying Home Economics and Nutrition at a German University, but life took an unexpected turn when I caught the R(esearch) virus. Despite this setback, I was determined to continue my academic journey.

But - my passion for research, induced by the virus, grew stronger every day. I continued to hone my research skills, and eventually, for my Master's thesis at Oregon State University, I focused on the mystery behind impulsive shopping behaviour and shopping addiction.

I decided to collect data from surveys and conduct interviews with real-life shoppers. I managed to find fourteen brave individuals who were willing to share their stories with me. However, as I delved into the process of analysing such rich data, I quickly realised that no one has taught me the necessary skills. Undeterred, I listened closely to each interview, taking diligent notes and piecing together the information in my own unique way.

That's when I stumbled upon Dr. John Seidel and his groundbreaking software, The Ethnograph. This tool promised to revolutionize the process of data analysis, and I was blown away by the infinite possibilities it presented. This was back in 1992.

I took a bold step and approached John, eager to learn more about The Ethnograph and work for him.

And that's how my journey began, as I became a world-renowned expert in computer-aided qualitative data analysis. My early work is a testament to the lessons I learned and the growth I experienced, and I want to share my insights with you.

But here's the thing: the R-virus is a wild card, and I cannot guarantee that it won't infect you too. However, if I do, I promise you it will be a fun-filled journey filled with newfound insights and success.

So why wait? Take control of your journey today. Book a workshop, or let me help you with your projects and take a few shortcuts by benefiting from my experience.

Best regards,

Dr. Susanne Friese

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