The Brains Behind Qeludra

Hi, I'm Susanne

The Qeludra Founder

I possess extensive expertise in qualitative research methodologies, with a particular focus on computer-assisted qualitative data analysis (CAQDAS), and AI-enhanced qualitative data analysis.

I have helped many organizations across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas with my expertise to find answers to their business and research problems.

My academic and professional experience spans social and experimental psychology, consumer economics, and organizational psychology, collectively strengthening my proficiency in these research domains. 

To stay at the forefront of my field's evolving research landscape, I maintain a strong connection to the academic community. This involves actively contributing to scholarly discourse through publications and engaging in thought-provoking presentations at conferences

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Our Tech Partner

At Qeludra, we believe that success in the modern business landscape hinges on the strength of your technology backbone.

That's why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Sea-node, a dynamic and innovative tech partner that shares our commitment to excellence.


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