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Here, you'll find articles ranging from explaining what qualitative research is to analysis examples and reflections on the latest developments and implementation of generative AI tools for qualitative data analysis. Discover a wealth of information on ALL THINGS QUAITATIVE.

Tempting Generative AI into Hallucinating ai chat gpt qualitative data analysis Jul 27, 2023

...when analysing qualitative data

You may have come across chatbots like ChatGPT or Bard, which are known to sometimes generate imaginative responses, a phenomenon often referred to as...

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AI-powered versus human powered qualitative data analysis ai chat gpt computer-aided qualitative data analysis qualitative data analysis Feb 23, 2023

To find out how AI can benefit the analysis of qualitative data, I did an experiment based on a text I coded using software that supports qualitative data analysis. This is a bit more advanced than...

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